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Meet Your Massage Therapist

Since graduating from Bancroft School of Massage as a LMT, Angela knew right away that her style is therapeutic massage. Angela currently owns a private practice in Webster.

Among specialties such as Table Thai, Thai foot, Lymphatic, Cupping and Pregnancy massage, Angela's advanced studies brought her to Costa Rica for Erik Dalton's MAT training program. She brought a wealth of myoskeletal knowledge along with an indescribable experience back with her to the massage table.


Beyond touch as medicine, Angela enjoys Energy Work & Healing as a Reiki II level practitioner. She often uses song bowls and crystals for energy shifts & chakra clearings. Card readings and grounding practices are often brought into her work with clients.


Angela particularly enjoys working on clients with chronic pain. She uses energy & manual techniques that bring lasting improvement to their lives. Using her own therapeutic style, Angela blends many techniques to bring immediate ease to her clients. Trigger point, cupping, nerve flossing & stretching have become some of her favorite uses in treatments, in which clients benefit from greatly. Feedback is commonly about those experiencing years of chronic issues finally experiencing relief and improvement in range of motion.


Experience Relaxation

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