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Discover Therapeutic Healing

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Foot Massage
chakra healing

Massage Services

Customized Massage - Deep Tissue or Swedish Relaxation

Therapeutic treatment is used to reduce chronic pain sensation, increase ROM, and calm the nervous system.

* Sciatica, carpal tunnel, TMJ, migraines, chronic neck & back, SI joint, rotator cuff issues. Planters fasciitis.

Lymphatic Massage

Treatment which supports our detox pathway by removing toxins, stagnant energy and excess fluid from our tissue and organs.               * Edema, lymphedema,  pre & post surgery, TMJ, joint discomfort.

CBD Massage

CBD has clinically proven to benefit the human body in many holistic ways.  This amazing product promotes relaxation, sleep, reduces inflammation, anxiety and helps alleviate chronic pain symptoms.  Improves circulation and can lower blood pressure.

Prenatal Massage

This treatment is to promote relaxation, soothes aches as the body grows and prepares for childbirth.  Gentle stretching is used and a prenatal mattress which allows momma to comfortably lay on her stomach.

Reiki + Chakra Clearing

Energy healing is a form of medicine with ancient roots.  This treatment is used to decrease stress, release physical and emotional pain which can cause blockages throughout our Chakra system. 

Grief & Caretaker Massage

Its time to take care of yourself for a change.  The burnout that comes with caring for a loved one is surreal.  Oftentimes you don't realize how much of the weight is carried by the body.  This is a combo of energy work & Swedish massage to promote calmness and healing of the nervous system.

"Life is short, do something you love & that inspires you. Have a burning passion inside for what you do. Possibilities are endless!


The inspiration you seek is already within you. 

Be silent and listen.  

~ Rumi

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